Six Sentence Sunday

Good morning. Thank you for stopping by. I plan on using this blog for Six Sentences on Sunday and during NaNo to highlight, we’ll see where it goes from there.

This is from my current WIP which is book 3 and the last book in my cupid series. I need to wrap this one up because I’m planning on writing book 2 for NaNo. (I’ve always had trouble following the logic path so yup wrote 3 before 2 ;0).

The title of this one is All Bets Off. Dareea is in deep to Pluto. When the god of the underworld calls in her marker, she’s short. So Pluto makes a bet with her. Seduce Kage Adams or become a temptation demon. Dareea jumps at the offer to swipe her slate clean and avoid becoming the thing she loathes. How hard can it be? After all she’s a cupid and he’s a human. Kage Adams however proves to be a challenge. He seems to have no interest in Dareea at all.

This scene is after their first meeting after Kage basically ignores Dareea. So the cupid decides to do a little snooping to find out what make Kage tick.

“Hey, Dareea, what the hell are you doing?” Derek asked from the bedroom doorway. Dareea looked up at the cupid. He stood well over six feet with long wavy black hair and flashed his famous smile that made females, regardless of race, want to drop to the floor and spread their legs while screaming – do me.
“Nothing,” she tried to gain her composure and shut the bag.
“What have you there?” He appeared next to her and whistled, “I had no idea you were into the bondage scene.”

For more great six sentences check out the blogs.  A complete list of everyone’s great six sentences ~



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