Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome to my Six Sentence Sunday to check out the rest of the great Six Sentence Sunday blogs ~

Poor Dareea! Things aren’t looking good for her.  Pluto called in her gambling marker. If she doesn’t seduce Kage, then she’ll be forced into giving up her job as a Cupid and become a tempetation demon….

Reaching down, he grabbed her hand.  “Make sure you put two sugar packets in my coffee,” he said between gritted teeth.  “And Bryant is currently unattached.  I could give him a reference if you’re interested. You do a great beginning of a hand job.”

“Bastard,” Dareea hissed and vanished.

This is from my current WIP – All Bets Off.  I have two chapters to finish up today so I can start the sister novel – Working title -Umbrella Drinks and Voodoo.  What could possibly ruin Rachel’s vacation in the Cayman Islands with a Cupid?  A voodoo Priest with  a deadly obession.

Here’s a sneak peak to what’s waiting for Rachel on the Islands…  

The Cupid....

The Voodoo Preist


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