Six at Sunday

This Sunday is from my current WIP.  It’s a novella cougar story. 

Tessa owns a B&B and is preparing for a boring winter but then snowboarder Zak shows up.  While he isn’t in this snippet, I am posting a little eye candy of him.  

In today’s peek Tessa is trying to convince her sister, Alanna that going to Florida with for the winter isn’t something she wants to do ~ especially with Paul. 

“Because you should be in Florida.”

“Playing checkers,” Tessa challenged. “Not many calories burned that way or muscle definition kept.”

“That’s what the activity between the checker games is for.” Alanna smirked, her mossy green eyes twinkled. Tessa shoved the muffin in her mouth to keep from blurting out the checker game would be more exciting than sex with Paul.

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Enjoy the New Year!



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