What Friends are for….

Here’s another snippet from my current WIP. While Tessa’s sister has a real problem with her new relationship with a younger man….her friend is 100% supportive. 🙂 

Here's Zak...the forbidden candy....

Looking inside the basket, Tessa felt the heat of embarrassment move up her neck to her cheeks. “Where did you get these things?” 

“On-line mostly,” Amber reached over and pulled up four glass bottles.  “This is ylang ylang and the others are just basic flavored.”

Tessa pulled out a dildo, “I think you can keep this.”

“It can be a fun part of foreplay,” Amber reached out taking the dildo from her, placing it and jars back in the basket. 






Now that’s a good friend…


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14 comments on “What Friends are for….

  1. Hi Lyncee. Love how these six show the contrast in the characters, Tessa’s embarassment and Amber’s straightforward, no-nonsense advice. (And the pic…oh my.) Does this one have a title yet?

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