Another Six….

Welcome!  I’m continuing with my hot/steamy cougar WIP.  This will probably be the last from this story as I’m planning on wrapping it up this week. A brief recap of the previous Sunday snippets.  We’ve learned Tessa has a really good friend ;). Her and Zak are attracted to each other but are sure Tessa’s family won’t understand the entire older woman/young man thing.  I’ve teased you with a brief glimpse into some steamy sex with a little role playing.  This is a suspense…weird things start happening when Zak shows up…rocks fly through windows, mutilated blowup sex dolls are left in the driver’s seat of Tessa’s SUV…so this week’s six relate to that.

One finally look at Zak....


Zak followed her into the hall.

“What are doing?”

“Going to your bedroom.”  He reached out and grabbed her around the waist.  “I have every intention of waking beside you.”

Warmth crept through her and she hoped the skeletons hanging out in his closet were no more harmful than a package of Oreo’s .


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