Another Six Sunday

Don't you wish all lawyers would dress like this????

My six this Sunday is from my current WIP which is just moving into draft form. Here is where my hero meets the heroine for the first time….he’s having a bad day and it doesn’t look like things are going to get better. AND of course a little eye candy to enjoy 😉

Finley entered the security code to his penthouse.  Tension had recruited a team of jackhammers who were now pulsing across the base of his skull.

A glass of Gentleman Jack with a plate of Camille’s spaghetti  is what he needed to erase the ill effects of today.  Swinging the door open, the screeching of smoke detectors pierced his ears. 

He dropped his briefcase and ran to the kitchen

Flames danced from two pans but what froze him in his tracks was the beautiful woman coughing and removing her shirt.

Thanks for stopping by….Here is the link to all the other great Six Sunday Sentences

On Monday, I’ll be sharing my inspiration for this WIP so if you have a minute between grilling and parades stop by and check it out.


17 comments on “Another Six Sunday

  1. Oh, that’s hilarious. You don’t know if his day’s gonna get worse or better. Much better.

  2. Lawyers….firemen….doctors….all hot men should be so appropriately dressed! LOL. As for your Six, I love that he thinks his place is on fire and what he finds instead! Definite hook! Well done!

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