Sunday’s Six Sentence

Good morning!  This Sunday’s six is from my current WIP – Tide of Love. The same one highlighted last time.

Finley and Asilynn have moved beyond the kitchen fire….to some real heat 😉

A little passion anyone?!?!?!?

She knew what Finley’s dark gray smoldering eyes, the tightness of his mouth, and the heaviness of his breath meant. Over the centuries she’d seen it thousands of times but never experienced it – passion. Tonight she would – with Finley.

Asilynn closed the space between them. “I want to scream, to moan, and to wither in need.”  Reaching out she grabbed his hand and brought it up to her breast.

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14 comments on “Sunday’s Six Sentence

  1. Centuries? That’s more than enough waiting. No wonder she grabbed ahold and laid it on the line. Jeebus, he better be worth it! LOL!

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