Too Hot Tuesday

As I write this in our second day of serve weather – it’s a heat advisory.  Now for some of you living in the great Southern states or Texas temps dancing in the high 80’s low 90’s is as routine as a diet coke and package of M&M’s but for those of us living in the far northern reaches of Michigan not so much.  So since it’s soooooo warm outside and I’m working on my reallllly hot WIP inside (with two fans and a diet coke – no M&M’s on a diet L) I thought I would share some of my thoughts on creating hotness for more than your main characters.

Everyone knows chemistry (ie lust/love/passion) is critical for a romance novel – duh! But so often the focus is strictly on the Hero/Heroine when a nice passionate romance between two secondary characters can add so much.  In my current adult WIP – Tides of Love and in my YA series I have strong romantic relationships.  I’m going to blog about that relationship in my YA series on another blog so I won’t go into much detail here but to say it’s used to give the ‘villains’ a good side. It’s a sweet love between two really bad people.  Their love isn’t twisted or sick but a genuine caring and nurturing emotion.

In Tides of Love, my heroine Aislynn is a mermaid who is new to the world of humans and emotion.  She knows she wants to feel love but has NO idea how to go about it.  To make things more complicated I pair her with a hero, Finley, who is a divorce lawyer and doesn’t believe true love exist.  They sit on the sidelines as Camille and Scott fall in love.  Both deeply wanting what their friends have but can’t figure out how to get it. 

Camille and Scott’s relationship provides a great opportunity for humorous scenes as well as character development.  It provides someone for Finley to discuss his feelings or what he wants to be the lack of feelings with because guys talk about things differently than us girls do.  So while they are at a micro-beer festival they have a heart to heart. 

Scott & Camille

Aislynn has Camille married with babies before Camille has worked out the dresser drawer situation with Scott.  She wants Camille to experience everything and then come back with details J.

When Camille and Scott hit a rock in the road of their path of love, not only does it affect Finley and Aislynn but also the reader.  Scott and Camille’s relationship gives the reader an additional couple to root for. 

So spread the love in your books…..


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