My Piece of mind…

As the oldest daughter of four girls, I learned early the act of disappearing.  A skill that has kept my sanity in tact (well, at least to the point I haven’t been committed yet) as a mother of a small tribe (5) and in my ‘day’ job working with the serve emotionally impaired. As a side note here, it’s the administration that stress me more than the kids.  But anyway I have found that there are times I need to escape for a few moments. 

Some of my favorites…

They listen to all my woes 🙂

I’m very lucky and live less than a mile from one of the Great Lakes– yay me!!!

Following the path to calmness 🙂

This well-worn path leads from my backyard to a local ice cream shop – which since starting my diet it has become overgrown with weeds.

Of course, there are times I can’t go to the beach or walk for an ice cream.  For those, I have a playlist on my phone.  I select the one and listen to a couple of songs.  If I’m really stressed – again this would usually be related to one of the administrators in my job – I take a fifteen minute break and write a murder scene ;).  The psychologist where I work has warned me about telling people of this – so shhhhhh.
What are some of your favorite escapes?

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