Not Quite the same but close…

I’m on a diet…with a 75 lb goal.  This sadly has caused me to eliminate my favorite food from my daily diet.  Peanut M&M’s.  I love them.  One of children actually said he thought I cared more about them then him, well that might be a bit much but then it depends on if he has picked up his work socks. 

I also love candles. So imagine my excitement when I found this cute guys…

Yummy scented!
Not quite the same as a bag of M&M’s but still they made me smile.
Hopefullyhere is  something that will make you smile…I will be having two contest.
The first one here on Monday, July 25.  Christmas In July….I’ll be giving away a copy of my Christmas story and some bookmarks as well as a gift certificate so make sure to stop by.
The second will be on Tuesday over at Paranormal Romantics ( Where I’ll be discussing love in a young adult books.  I’ll be giving away a copy of The Hollow King, the first in the Night of The Gryphon series. 
Hoping to see everyone next week!

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