Six Sunday…

Aislynn tries to be a good friend…

Thanks for stopping by… This week’s six are from my current WIP. Aislynn is having some trouble getting the hang of the way humans do things.  Actually, the six are split between two scenes.

Aislynn would have to remember to thank the land spirit. Camille said they were girlfriends and from observing humans Aislynn knew it was common for girlfriends to fix each other with males. Somehow during lunch Aislynn was going to find a way to let Scott know Camille wanted to have sex with him.

Later that day Camille and she met with Scott, the man Camille is interested in.…..

            “She is a wonderful cook which I’m sure will make your stomach talk to your heart.  Doesn’t this dress enhance her breast?” Asilynn asked. “It also offers a wonderful view of her shapely calves.”

While Camille isn’t smiling hopefully here is something that will make you smile…I will be having two contests next week.

 The first one here on Monday, July 25.  Christmas In July….I’ll be giving away a copy of my Christmas story and some bookmarks as well as a gift certificate so make sure to stop by.

 The second will be on Tuesday over at Paranormal Romantics ( Where I’ll be discussing love in a young adult books.  I’ll be giving away a copy of The Hollow King, the first in the Night of The Gryphon series. 

 Hope to see everyone next week!  Make sure to check all the other great Six Sentence Sunday ~


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