Who Am I?

I’m Lyncee…well most of the time.  Sometimes I’m Tasarla Romaney. I created Tasarla to write my young adult (YA) fiction.  Several fellow authors have asked me why I choice to write under a different name.  I have found being a writer is a lot being a mom, I wear many hats.  As I read many different genres I discovered I enjoy writing in them in also. My adult fiction varies from sweet i.e. The Christmas Reunion (which Linda & Jennifer won a copy of in last weeks contest) to steamy i.e. Treasure Hunt. I want my reader to know exactly what they are getting and I didn’t want there to be confusion. If you buy something Lyncee has written, you need to look for content warnings, if you purchase something Tasarla has written it’s going to appropriate for all ages teen and up. 

While having an alter-ego is the easiest way to keep my content separate, it makes marketing a nightmare. Well maybe not a nightmare but definitely more difficult. What I use of Lyncee won’t work for Tasarla. My adult fiction swag incorporates ‘romance with a bang,’ even if it’s sweet there is some form of suspense or other ‘bang’ element. My YA is ‘where even make believe is real,’ so I need swag that reflects that. 

I also need two blogs…I just launched Tasarla’s today ~ if you want to check it out http://wp.me/s1JXrq-hello featuring a book trailer for my YA book The Hollow King,  the first in my trilogy – The Night of the Gryphon.  She/I are also over at http://paranormalromantics.blogspot.com/?zx=5ab3842e876dc94 talking about romance in a YA series.

So while I’m struggling to juggle both right now, I’m sure I’ll fine the groove just like I did being a mom to a small tribe.

Thanks for stopping by!


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