Are your hero and heroine too smart to have sex?

The August Psychology Today headline caught my attention (as does all shiny objects and things to do with sex) ‘Why smart people have less sex.’  Now as a reader and a writer, I want a hero who is cunning, smart, and with loads of sexual appetite.  My heroine can be girlie I’m not an avid kick ass bitch heroine but I do want smarts and some sexy flirting. Nothing will stop me from turning the page quicker than a heroine who is too stupid to live (this includes the incredibly unaware – come on no one really lives in a bubble.  If I start a book where even if the heroine had been brought up in the Alaska tundra she’d had more sense I’m done by page 20– see what I mean about the shiny object). 

According to the University of AZ, people with high executive functions have sex far less….well heck that bust all kinds of my bubbles.  The study offers as a plus that they have more money.  Okay, so I can’t have smart, money, AND sex?

Luckily, I do write fiction and therefore I can create my hero and heroine as I want. So they will be smart, self assured, with money, and have sex – lots of it! I did find the study interesting in the reasons they gave why people with higher executive functions are less sexually activity and I am definitely thinking about incorporating that into one of my heroines BUT it will be something she definitely overcomes 😉


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