Monday = No Romance

I hate Mondays!

In my opinion Monday is the least romantic day of the week….



Here’s a sneak peak of what my week may look like…

Sunday’s = sleep in & cuddle. Brunch and maybe just maybe if I planned by errands correctly a day in my M&M P.J.’s writing while hubby relaxes with me.

Saturday = time to prepare a nice dinner for two, a movie, or an overnight trip

Friday = a bottle of wine to unwind from the week while watching an old favorite movie while eating pizza.

Thursday = Take-out served in sexy cami to talk him into a three day weekend of naughty fun.

Wednesday = meet for a cozy dinner – we’re half through the week let’s talk about romantic plans for weekend or just talk.

Tuesday = Two for Tuesday at our favorite neighborhood pub…need I say more.

Monday = I got nothing here… it’s the first day back to work at the day job which I fondly refer to as the goat rodeo. My kids are bouncing after a weekend of whatever caused them to be emotional impaired to begin with. I come home and slump on the bed. 

I’ve tried preparing a nice dinner on Sunday that just requires warming – didn’t work. I’ve schedule my nail appointment – new nails with a really cool design always makes me smile – not on Monday. You name it over the years and I’ve done but nothing will make Monday’s romantic. 

So what is your least romantic day of the week?

By lynceeshillard Posted in Me time

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