Sunday Six

After a week with no internet or internet that would only stay connected long enough to tease me…I’m back and just in time for Sunday six!

This week is still from my mermaid WIP and will most likely be the last one, hoping to wrap this up this week 😉

So for those following, you know Aislynn wants to experience sex, well finally….

Finley harden to the point he was surprised the zipper in his slacks didn’t give way. Aislynn’s long hair hung loose in a messy style that curled around her shoulders. The demi-cut light pink chemise exposed the top of her dark nipples. Three layers of ruffles lined the bottom, which ended just below her private area.

“Of course, if you object, I’ll take it off.”

“It’s good,” he croaked, placing the flowers and wine on the floor. 

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Have a great week!


7 comments on “Sunday Six

  1. Dialogue that hints at just how different the perceptions are (though methinks the agenda is the same) only serves to crank the tension. Nicely done. It’s good to be reminded of how much can be done in a little space.

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