In search of love…

While looking for an article for Aislynn (the heroine from my current WIP) on how to make Finley fall in love with her, I stumbled across several articles that confused me…


(1)   7 tips to make your man jealous ~ Why? Why do you want him jealous? Even as a high school girl I never went here. I wanted to be able to stop and talk to some guy in the hallway without my boyfriend’s head spinning. The same now – if I stop for a brief ‘the workday was crap’ cocktail with a male co-worker I don’t want hubs to blow an eyeball.  So I’m missing the jealously thing…anyone want to enlighten me…please leave a comment.

(2)   10 things to make you feel old…again why? I look at my kids and feel ancient. I sit with the kids I work with and try to figure out what one meant when they said “You straight, Ms. Lyn”.  Somehow I doubt it has to do with my posture.  (BTW, I do know what this means so you don’t have to comment me the answer.) But why would I read an article so I can learn more ways to feel old?

(3)   What guys hate for you wear to bed…This is a no brainier. If you’re wearing anything they are going to dislike.  If it’s comfy they are going hate it. IF it’s a pair of winter PJ’s with sledding snowmen and footies attached they may threaten divorce (Just saying here). 


So this was how I spent my morning before heading off to my day job aka – the goat rodeo.

 Oh I did get the list for Aislynn so now she’s armed and ready.  Poor Finley 😉


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