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I love to twitter and today it’s writer Wednesday so…



Here are some of favorite lines from yesterday’s recommended books….


…then she felt down to the calf of her left leg, opened the pocket there, and took out the bottle of Visine. Thank you, boring Saturday nights with the Internet. She held the tiny bottle to Zak. “Use this.” Hush, by Cherry Adair.

Now I like this because it makes the heroine smart and strong.  She’s being held by guerilla soldiers in the jungle with a guy she only planned on having a one night stand with.  I would not be remembering what I read on the Internet and truth be told I never read anything that will save my life if I’m held by guerilla soldiers.

She had to protect her daughter. Larissa Monroe knew her life was coming to an end. Love Beyond Sanity, by Rebecca Royce.

This is actually from the excerpt on Rebecca’s website.  I wanted to share something in different but I just loved this.  As a mother, I instantly identified with Larissa.  Above all things I need to protect my kids. Every writer knows they need to create characters the reader relates to.  And these two simple sentences did that for me.

Jason’s lips traveled over her skin, a worship of her flesh that continued even during her hesitation. Intimate Whispers, by Dee Carney.

For this one I had to offer something hot because well because it’s HOT!!!!  And I love this description of a kiss.  It brought the simple act to a new level.  I was there…I wanted to be there….I wanted to drag my hubby over to the computer and say – here.  This is what I want. 

And of course, how could NOT share something of mind 😉 from The Hollow King my young adult.

“Humans are fragile and we have very sensitive egos.” Crenshaw wiggled in Cyloc’s grip.

“I don’t know what that means.” Cyloc replied and tightened his hold on Crenshaw’s ankle. “You are the first human I have encountered.”

“My luck,” Crenshaw whispered. “What are the chances of you putting me down and allowing me to walk?”

“No. You will escape.”

Crenshaw scanned his surroundings. Nothing. Flat parched clay as far as the eye could see in all directions. “Where would I go?”

“Small rodents always find a place to hide.”

“We have to work something out. Dangling over your shoulder by one ankle isn’t the best way to transport me. All the blood is rushing to my head and my left leg is now two inches longer than the right. I’m going to pass out.”

            Then once Cyloc releases him….

“You haven’t taken a step and already you complain.” Cyloc shook his head. “I do not see why so many people seek you.”

Crenshaw is one of my favorite hero’s. He struggles —-with everything.  But being carried through the land of dead by ghoul would be embarrassing to even the most self-assured hero 😉

So what are some your favorit lines and why?


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