The weekend…

My weekend outing

I spent the weekend working on edits for my young adult and battling allergies.

So there wasn’t romance in my house…even though Saturday was sweetest day.  My twenty-year old son texted me and wanted to know what me & his dad were doing.  He had gotten his girlfriend flowers and she made him a yummy meal…..well, no flowers at my house and we warmed up Friday’s take-out pizza, like said NO romance in my house. 

We did take a ride down to the beach to check out the waves….impressive. They recorded some record breakers for Lake Michigan.

However, besides working on edits I’m doing the final read through before submitting my adult WIP and Aislynn, well, she had it going on this weekend.

It was impossible to get enough air in her lungs and her heart slammed against her ribs, yet she couldn’t imagine a better feeling.  No wonder humans were so consumed with sex.

Aislynn is a mermaid in human form and experiencing emotions for the first time.  So even though I didn’t have game this weekend one of my characters did 😉

So how was your weekend?


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