It’s a holiday…trust me

Saturday was sweetest day and as I discussed in yesterday’s post, hubby and I did nothing to celebrate. So this started me wondering…what other holiday’s have we missed? I was amazed when I started looking.


Because… it’s their month
  • Squirrel Awareness Month- I have no idea why squirrels need a whole month, or what they have to be aware of. But since it’s their month take some time to be nice to the squirrels, instead of chasing them away from your bird feeders.


Holidays I missed….

  • 2nd- Name Your Car Day– I do this actually. Every car I’ve owned has been named and my kids have continued the tradition. My daughter just purchased a car and named it Randolph. The fact it’s a holiday sort of validates our habit and I used to prove to my hubby, we are not insane. So did you get a new car recently? Never got around to giving that clunker in the driveway a name? Today is the day to do it!
  • 4th – Fungus Fun Day – Have no idea how one would celebrate this…order extra mushrooms on your pizza?
  • 5th- Bath Tub Party Day– Maybe your bath tub isn’t big enough for a big party, but maybe just a party of one or two.
  • 13th- National Kick Butt Day– Anyone been getting on your nerves? Is there someone who was the caused a frustrated scream yesterday? Kick their butt today. Don’t worry, it’s OK it’s a holiday and you know you want to!! I could never share this one at my day job 😉

Holiday’s I can still enjoy….

  • 20th – National Brandied Fruit Day – Okay we still have time to come up with something on this one, but what???? Let’s all bake that fruitcake two months early?


  • 21th – Count Your Buttons Day – Now I can see myself actually using this holiday. Need a break from work? A mindless minute? Count your buttons. The only problem I see here is if I didn’t wear anything with buttons on it. It’s not count your co-workers buttons.


  • 24th- Sour Day– Enjoy some sour gummies or drink a glass of lemonade.
  • 29th- Hermit Day and Frankenstein Day – These two holidays don’t have anything to do with each other…but variety is the spice of life 😉
  • 25th- Sourest Day– I guess today is a lot more sour than yesterday was. Instead of lemonade, just eat a lemon.
  • 28th- National Chocolate Day– Today is the day to eat as much chocolate as you want and not feel guilty. None of those calories count today. Trust me!

 So pick a holiday and tell me how you plan on celebrating.

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