Endings and Beginnings

Well a lot has happened in my life in the last two months ~ my EDJ has ended ~ permanently …so now begins my adventure as a full time writer. I almost hate to say it like that but couldn’t think of any other way to word it – I did write hours after coming home and I know many write full time while working an EDJ. I know this is a sensitive topic with many writers so please do not take offence – I’m not trying to imply anything here.

Okay enough of the disclaimer :0)

I have decided some things need to change about my writing habits (or lack there of) in order for this new focus to be successful. One of the things is I’d need to increase my output/word count/books. And I think I need some major changes – switching from a panters to a plotter (shudder).

First, let me say I’m not an ‘a to b to c’ sort of girl at all. Matter of fact, I’d spend hours looking at the dot to dots I was given in school to figure out a different way to connect them to make a picture. So the thought of outlining, taking notes, etc makes me devour a bag of M&M’s in panic.

BUT as I start dipping my toes into this, I’ve come to think it might not be as bad as I thought. Yesterday, I posted a blog at Fabulous Young Adult writers about picnics and writing. I joked about there even being picnic baskets for the planners thru the panters.

This is the pantser’s picnic basket – we sort of just dump everything in and pull it out as we need it.

The planner’s picnic basket – my head hurts just looking at it

Here is my goal…

Tuesday’s will normally be – what is new in my life and some of the writers I’ve come to know. Today, I’m sharing a peek at my new upcoming release The Cabin – Toria and Neal at


See you tomorrow… when I talk about a calendar isn’t so scary for this pantser.


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