Sunday Six…

It’s been awhile since I’ve done the Sunday Six… Glad you stopped by. These are from my newest release, The Cabin ~ Toria and Neal from Secret Cravings Publishing.

The 1st in a series from Secret Cravings Publishing

A hot tub complete with bubbles, flames dancing in the fireplace, candles flickering as a storm raged outside. A sexual fantasy for anyone with a pulse. Add in a sexy as hell nude redhead and he would have thought he’d walked into his own idea of heaven. Of course for the fantasy to work, the redhead shouldn’t be pissed off.

Flashing what he hoped she would consider a sheepish smile with boyish charm, he asked, “Umm, how about a redo on the introductions?”

“Go to hell,” she spat, tying the robe’s belt into a tight knot.

Check out the rest of the Sunday Six at Also make sure to stop back during the 20 thru 24 as I’m part of the Hot Summer Nights blog hop – plenty of swag to give away.


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