Happy Ever After Ending…

I went to the movies this Sunday with my daughter, (not going to name the movie so not to spoil it), and we’ve had a very interesting conversation in what is a happy ever after ending. I felt the movie lacked any form of a happy every after not just forever but even for now. She however felt it that it was implied so for her piece of mine she had them together. …

The sunsets and they are in love…my heart smiles

When I write, I end with my readers knowing that my couple(s) are together.  No implying here… And I guess as a reader/movie goer I seek the same thing.  In this movie the couple wasn’t even close to each other so I even had trouble jumping to the implied happy ever after.  

Some authors are noted for their ‘non’ happy ever after endings which is wonderful, I know going it there will be no ‘awe’ at the end.  If I go to an action movie with a slight romance feel, I don’t feel cheated if there isn’t a happy ever after. Matter of fact one of my favorite movie lines of all time is from Speed.

“Relationships based on traumatic events never last.”

“I guess we’ll have to base ours on sex.”

But this movie in my opinion needed a solid happy ever after.  It was sort of like Pretty Woman if Richard Greer hadn’t gotten out of the car but just sat in and looked at Julie Roberts who smiled and waved. Then the credits rolled. Okay, I guess the movie goer could assume either she went down to him, or he eventually came up to her. BUT what if they both stood there and realized the difference were too much and he drove off. 

So are you okay with creating your own happy ever after or should it be delivered to you? Are do you feel a good romance is complete with a happy ever after ending?


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