Summer Time

Tomorrow is the first day of summer.  I know for some people ‘summer’ season doesn’t really make much of a difference in their lives except they run air conditioning instead of heat. Well, for me – it has always been a major ‘shift.’ My EDJ that just ended permanently was with a school so I always sort of had the summer months off, not completely but enough. But that wasn’t the reason I truly have always celebrated summer. As a person living in Northern Michigan, I feel spring and fall are really just different levels of winter. Summer is a time for bright pink fingernail polish, shorts, frozen drinks and the beach!  I live less than two miles from Lake Michigan and two inland lakes, so it’s just a matter of which direction I turn leaving my drive-way to what beach I’ll spend my day.


My slice of heaven…

One of the other things that change with summer – is what I read. Really, I’m a seasonal reader so therefore I’m a seasonal writer.  I like ‘scary’ (prime Heather Graham reading time) in the fall leading up to November than I do some Christmas but I generally tend to like suspense through the ‘serious’ winter months.  Nothing like a good serial killer stalking a heroine while the wind rearranges the six inches of snow outside my window and the power flickers.


My upcoming release Spike, part of the Boys of Summer, reflects my taste in for summer reading/writing. I want ‘light’ issues and hot sex. Some of my reads for the upcoming beach time – Legally Hot – an anthology, I want Candy by Susan Donovan, and Gnome on the Range by Jennifer Zane.


So do your reading taste change in the summer? If you’re a writer does your writing reflect the seasons?



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