Day 1 of Hot Summer Nights Blog

Welcome!  I’m looking to having you drop by… so here is virtual beverage of your choice and a plate of cookies (calories free so not to interfere with the summer wear diet) to enjoy while you hop about.

Let me start by a quick intro of myself in case this is the first time you’ve dropped by.  I live in N. Michigan and HATE winter – how did I land here…long boring story.  Just recently (like 3 weeks) my day time job permanently ended. I worked with the serve emotional impaired which is why I write what I do.  My days were filled with trying to help kids deal with things no one should have to live through so I wanted an escape… hot romance. 

And Taking a Risk, part of the Dangerous Men/Dangerous Places anthology is just that.  Leigh’s life is…well…is boring. So she books an extreme vacation – kayaking down the Amazon River. It doesn’t take long before things become interesting and the heat of the jungle isn’t nearly as hot as what’s going on between her and Nick 😉

 Drifting in the kayak, Leigh took in the lush, green vegetation. The late morning air hummed with the perfectly blended melody of insects and birds. An occasional monkey screeched overhead for an emphasized reminder she was an intruder in this piece of heaven. Peace filled her as she drew a deep breath of the humid air.

Glancing over at Nick, she smiled. As she worked out the details for her plan to seduce him, her pulse raced. It was really an ideal opportunity. She’d never been sexually bold due to the fear of the consequences. Not that she wanted to pick up a different man every night but just wanted to experiment with the one she had. Do a strip tease or a lap dance during a commercial break. Maybe slip body paints into his jacket pocket with the note saying let’s make art tonight. But the voices of insecurity and reason stopped her. Practical didn’t shimmy around in a maid outfit without any panties.

Every hot romance needs chocolate and a drink…

Before you hop over to the next blog, make sure to leave me a comment… a winner will be selected daily for a wine glass and chocolates here as well as entered into the drawing for one of the grand prizes ~ The digital Erotica Gift Basket with over 40 books or $100 gift card to Eden’s Fantasys.

Don’t forget your drink and cookie before heading over to See everyone tomorrow.


24 comments on “Day 1 of Hot Summer Nights Blog

  1. It’s been a wild hop so far! I’d imagine freezing cold winters correspond to blazing hot summers in Michigan…wow. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I live in Michigan too and the only thing the winters here are good for is cuddling up with a hot book and a glass of wine.


  3. l lived in Chicago ,l know the feelings.You are very good in expressing your thoughts.
    Don’t be sad yesterday is gone.
    Don’t fell sorry for today will pass by..
    Wishing you happiness. Jalal Michael

  4. Another Michigander – woot! When you say N. do you mean you are an U-per? O_o I can understand why you hate winter. I’m about 40 minutes from the Ohio border and no where near Holland with its fun lake effect and the winters here are sometimes brutal.

    I enjoyed the blurb you posted. So you are doing a drawing a day? Wow. That is very generous. Do we just post one a day to be entered in your contest?

    lacrimsonfemme at gmail fullstop com

  5. Being a special needs mom ( both my children have autism), I understand the stress & the need for escape. Books are great for it.
    Great excerpt. Gotta find out what comes next.


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