When I’m not writing…


Last week I shared some on my passion for crocheting, this week it’s card making – which I LOVE! From time to time I purchase magazine with card ideas in them but mostly I come up with the ideas on my own. This creative process is a great break from writing. 


One thing about making your card is it’s tailored to the person it’s intended for.  Here are some pictures of a card I made for a friend. She helped me make curtains for my office so I wanted to give her a small thank-you.  She is a butterfly admirer so when I saw the article in Sunday’s paper the ideas started to perk.

This card is a tag style that I attached to a box of butterfly flower seeds. I cut out the title “Butterfly Love” because it offered a different word style.  The green background is cardstock that I covered with a floral butterfly design vellum paper. 


I’m not a ‘gadet’ collector for this hobby (which my hubby is thankful for – I do love my gadgets). However, I do have a letter punch set that I use all the time. The other ‘accessory’ I have found to be awesome is the instant sticker maker, that I use for all my letters, any cutouts, and pictures.

This card tag is single dimensional which is odd for me. I love to ‘attach’ non-traditional things to my cards. I’ve used shrink objects, small toys, and candy.


Any fellow card markers out there? I’d to hear some of the things you’ve done.


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