Motivation Monday

Well let’s just say I’m glad last week’s goal rewards wasn’t dinner or I’d be the poster child for ‘starving artist’.  Again back to my years at my EDJ – review what didn’t work and make a new plan. Last week’s form of procrastination came in the form of avoidance through tackling other projects. I now have sparkly closets with neatly folded sheets (I did draw the line at ironing the sheets).  My recipes are now filed by season (chili in winter, honey glazed melon in summer etc). Do I need to continue?

I wish – but instead it’s 15,000 words on new WIP, 1 chapter editing, and plotting next WIP…

So for this week’s new plan – leave the house for a block of time. I plan on bringing my laptop but I haven’t decided on a spot L Today, I’m headed to the mall because it’s air conditioned and there is no wi-fi to lure me to facebook or twitter or blogs I love to read.

The local library has a wonderful summer program for the kids which means it’s going to be noisy (it’s a really small building) and there is wi-fi with the lure of books!!!!  I’m not sure about taking up a table in a local restaurant for several hours, I’d be willing to order something but still how long will a salad get you a table without being rude?

Later this week, I’m planning on using the local park. I’m waiting for a non-ninety plus day.  But picnic tables are real comfortable and while it’s called a laptop, I can’t balance it on my lap for hours. 

So I’ve established my word count, edit, and plotting goals for the week and month. Now I just need to figure out how I’ll achieve them.   

Do you leave to do your writing? If so where are some of your favorite spots?



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