Recap – Motivation Monday ~

So let’s just say last week was a test in the unplanned. I lost my Internet Monday afternoon it came back on ‘briefly’ Friday – sort of like a teenage girl tease – then went down until Sunday Night.

Lesson learned here – have blogs written at least a week in advanced and scheduled to post.  Now this is a doable lesson. Sometimes my lesson vs reality ratio isn’t good.  But I generally know what I’m blogging about. I had last weeks all planned out so….

The weather here in my sweet Northern Michigan town where I complain that our four seasons are just different phases of winter has broken all records for heat.  All last week was in the upper 90’s with a couple of days kissing 100! Of course, our home doesn’t have AC – why when the average summer temp is 76?  The effects of this? My asthma went into psycho level. Trip to ER where student nurse told me I was fat…

This was the beach at 6:30 am… all last week after 8 am there was NO sitting room last week.

The effect of the weather? LOW word count.  The lesson here? Not sure there is one  for weather that hasn’t occurred in hundreds of years.  BUT I do need to not to become so derailed by bumps in the road. It’s sort of funny this happened because my EDJ was filled with bumps.  You don’t work with sever EI kids without there being a lot of sunk holes along your daily path.  I think some of the problem is that I still haven’t found my writing rhythm.

Which brings me to the focus of this week’s motivation Monday’s goal ~ what is my rhythm? In my EDJ I would talk to my students teachers in the morning (while they were still in a good mood) and make calls to homes after school, etc.

When will I get the highest word count? Mornings I have a ton of ‘natural’ energy. I think this comes from years of hitting the floor running. So I have been tackling my ‘house’ projects. The problem here –after six of hours of organizing kitchen cabinets, I’m not in the mood to write a hot sex scene. For some reason stacking plastic bowls isn’t a turn on for me – go figure.

I’m going to try ‘writing spurts’ throughout the day.  I’d love to hear how you block out your writing/editing time.

Sooooo true


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