Two for Tuesday

Today’s Two For are in honor of the record breaking heat we’ve been having here…

Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale by Christine Warren (A novel of The Others)

This ‘tidbit’ made me smile…it came at the end of a ‘very steamy’ scene. I thought it was a wonderful ending. A lot of time I find the humor at the end of sex scenes flat and out of place. You’ve just been on a roller coaster of intense and to crack a joke…. But this I liked.

“He covered her like a duvet and generated more heat than an electric blanket without the pesky need to plug him in. Just call her an environmental crusader, cutting down on power consumption one bout of hot, sticky sex at a time.”

Bounty by Krystal Brookes from Dangerous Men: Dangerous Places

I liked the twist of this ‘first’ meeting (not actually their first but it is for this novella). It’s not often you find the hero dressing the heroine 😉

Gemma was struggling to get into the t-shirt as she could barely move her shoulder. Rob came over and took the light cotton shirt from her.

“Put your bad arm in first.” He showed her then helped her get the t-shirt over her head and her other arm into the garment. “Now that you feel respectable, get back into bed, and I’ll bring you some soup and bread.”


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