Transformation – Step #3 – Teasers/Swag

With three releases in a month and half my lack of organization in teasers and swag became as plain as the Rocky Mountains.  I had to spend an incredible amount of time reading through my releases finding teasers I wanted to send to promo blogs/sites or feature on my own.  Also I knew I had at one time had a great swag idea for The Cabin – Toria and Neal but I’ve forgot it….

I’ve recently become friends with OneNote (I’ll talk about using it as a plotting tool in the upcoming weeks) and have started using it for my promo ideas.

I can also store images of…ummm… inspiration to share. This is Brody from Spike part of the Boys of Summer Anthology

I created a notebook for my upcoming September release. During the edit I cut and paste any teasers I want to use for blogs, Sunday Six, etc. onto my blurb/teaser page. Then once they are used, I’ll make a note of where and when in red.

Swag ideas have a separate page. If it’s something I ordered – bookmarks – OneNote will capture the image and I can refer to it with ease. Or if I’m putting together some swag, like the wine glasses and chocolate, I can store the picture I’ve taken and it’s ready for uploading on my blog, facebook, or twitter.

For my current WIP, whenever I write a scene that I think will make a good teaser, I make a note of the page number with a sentence detail. Ie – Page 28 – first kiss. The thought here is when I’m doing final edits I’ll have a base list to work off from to comply a stash of teasers.

I’m also maintaining a list of promo ideas as I go. Things like one day on my blog for The Cabin – Toria and Neal, I featured a drink called A Redhead in Bed because Toria has red hair.  When I write a scene and think of something that maybe a good tie-in I make a note of it on the page. Some of the things I have for my current WIP I’ll probably never use but now I’ll have a nice pool to pull from.



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