This month has been one hiccup after another. A death in the family – my brother-in-law – preceded a three week visit from my daughter (she’s in the Navy and stationed overseas) and now I’m looking at August. NONE of July goals were met 😦 When I was terminated from my EDJ, I decided this was the time to shift to a full time writer.  I’m so far from being where I need to be. Currently, I feel like I’m trying to move Alaska so it’s off the coast of Florida with a paddle.

Right now two of my WIP should be completed and I should have outlined (using my new plotter technique) my new suspense romance and young adult fantasy. Of the four, I’ve done NONE. It’s hard to keep a flow of new releases when you don’t write anything… just saying.

So I find myself at a cross roads.  Do I evaluate my six month writing ‘to-do’ list then trudge on and put my nose to the grind stone as they say for the month of August? This would require high production for the remaining five months (including December) so I can get close to where I need to be. Can I keep life away for five month? I doubt it.

Were my goals out of reach to begin with? Did I set up myself for failure? No, I think they were on the high side of obtainable but it really doesn’t matter because I didn’t even get 1/4 of any of them done, so it wasn’t like I came in a close second or third, I didn’t even start the race.


Ice coffee – a must have when making life decisions

Life changes are difficult under the best circumstances – but when it’s a raging storm they can seem impossible. Alot of intense soul searching is on my agenda for today. Can’t waste time ‘pondering.’ Alaska will never move if I sit and think about it. So off to think and drink ice coffee….


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