Monday Motivation

Since today is the first of the month, I thought I’d do a bit of reflection of the last month and goal setting for this month.

 September writing or writing related:

Subbed 3 stories – sold 2 and still waiting on word for the third.

Finished 2 novellas & ¾ of my naughty fairytale (which I realize has a MAJOR plot flaw so I’m going to have to major rewrite this month)

Edited 1 full length novel for publisher

Read  – Outling Your Novel: Map Your Way to Success by KM Weiland

The trees are changing – 1 of my personal goals to exercise more aka walk dog.

Ticket to Love released

Things I need to improve –

Promo – I soooooo suck at this.


October goals:

Finish my naughty fairytale

Outline my cupid series and start first book – completing at least ½ if not more depending on the naughty fairytale rewrites go.

Write another Cabin installment (The Cabin ~ Toria and Neal is the first)

Take a writing class – there is a couple I’m looking at

PROMO!!!!!!! – schedule to be part of at least 1 blog hop for my upcoming Halloween release & find some young adult promo ops


And of course, I need to make sure the dust bunnies don’t over run the house and we have clean cloths.

So do you find it helpful to write your goals? If so how often? Weekly? Monthly? Daily?


One comment on “Monday Motivation

  1. You are doing so much with your writing! 🙂 You’ve sold your stories (are short stories or novelllas?), who to?

    So do you find it helpful to write your goals? If so how often?

    The only writing goal I have is a daily word target. That plus a regular blogging schedule that I try to keep. I’m not quite at the stage where I have work that I am ready to send into publishers, but I am hoping to get there soon.

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