Teaser Tuesday

Since it’s the beginning of the month and I have been sort of lame on keeping up with my blog, I thought I do a recap of what I’ve read in September.  I love sharing books I’ve read and hearing what others is reading.  It was a light reading month for me, I had several home projects I needed to complete.

Adult ~

Stygian’s Honor (breed series) by Lora Leigh

*Breaking Point (I-Team series) by Pamela Clare – this was referred to me by my daughter

The Darkest Hour – (KGI series) by Maya Banks

*Sleeping Roses by Rashelle Workman

Savage Hunger by Terry Spears


Young Adult~


*Tiger Curse (Tiger Curse Series) – Colleen Houck

*Heir of Prophecy (The Prophecy) – Michael A. Rothman


*New to me authors.


For October I plan on stepping up my young adult reading.  I also shift my reading to a more ‘spooky’ lineup for Halloween 😉 Yup, I’m a kid at heart.


I’m sort of discouraged by all the series books…I purchased one that really appealed to me and then realized it was book 3 of a series and I need to track down books 1 and 2 because it’s a continued series. Breaking Point by Pamela Clare is part of a series but also very much a stand a lone book.


What are your thoughts on series???  As a writer or a reader???


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