Teaser Tuesday

This is the day I share some of my favorite lines from the book I’m reading or just read. Since it’s October my reading shifts to books with a ‘spooky’ feel.  For my teaser is from Haunted by Tamara Thorne – a new to me author.  I’m loving this book so I plan on picking up Moonfall by her for this upcoming weekend. 

Setting is always important but it especially in a horror tale.  Ms. Thorne did an excellent job of drawing me in and planting me. 

Monolithic, stone cold, the Mephisto Palace seemed to grow out of the ground,Jim  its tower stretching up, like tortured fingers grasping at the moon.


 More scrabbling, like rat’s claws moving over slick pavement, a pause, then thunder as the door was struck.

Of course, there is the all important open line.  I loved the way Jim Butcher opened Ghost Story. 

Life is hard. Dying is easy. 

I had to read on…not that this was some profound knowledge I was unaware of but with these two simple sentences Mr. Butcher had hooked me.

So that’s it for this week’s teasers…

I’d love to hear what ‘spooky’ tales you’ve enjoyed.  I still have several weeks until the Halloween.


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