Motivation Monday

I need to get organized – to plan what I’m going to write and when. This writing by the seat of my pants (and I’m not talking about plotters vs pantsers) isn’t producing the output I desire or need to make this a full time career. I have story ideas for certain holidays, several romance suspense, and one space opera but in what order to I write them? 


I wish 😉

I know several writers go with whatever character talks to them the loudest. I would never write ANYTHING if I relied on this method. My characters need to be prodded into action with several shots of diet coke and a handful of M&M’s.  


For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working full-time at the ex-EDJ. So my writing time was greatly cut AND I’m having some plot issues with my current WIP (a naughty fairytale) as a result I wrote ever little. I usually have two WIP that I’m working on. They are generally two different genres and offer me a variety but because of my lack of planning I didn’t have a plan ‘b’ to fall back on.


Over the weekend I resolved the plot issue so I need to plow through the naughty fairytale but I’m also going to spend some time this week planning out my projects for the next three months and plug in the two series I have waiting on the deck over the next year.  This will require a lot for me since I’m also trying to move away from the pantsers method to a more plotters.


So how do you pick what project you’ll work on next? How far out do you have your writing schedule planned (as far as projects?)

3 comments on “Motivation Monday

  1. So how do you pick what project you’ll work on next? How far out do you have your writing schedule planned (as far as projects?)

    I don’t have a project schedule, but I do have a kind of publishing schedule.

    I make sure I get certain short stories, fiction updates and blog posts done by a set day of the week. So my writing priorities follow that. The schedule is not set in stone, but I try to stick to it as best I can.

    • That worked for me when I balanced my writing with my daytime job. But now that I’m ‘layed-off’ and have more writing time I’m finding I’m far less productive and I think part of it is the lack of ‘time’ pressure. So I’m hoping that a project schedule which in reality is more of a publishing schedule will keep me from spending hours staring at shiny objects and finishing more projects.

      So do you ‘tag’ future WIP’s by seasons, holidays, or just to achieve a certain amount per year?

      Thanks for stopping by!

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