Sunday Six

This is from my upcoming release Tide of Love

Aislynn is experiencing emotions for the first time…they are far more confusing than she thought they would be

Aislynn sat on the beach, trying to find comfort in the starlight dancing across the water and the sound of the waves slapping against the sand. Emotions were far more complicated than she had thought. While, Finley had told her he was flattered by her words of attraction, Camille told her they were a lie.

The land sprit informed her, a slut among mankind was lower than a pixie without a clan in their world. Sighing, she fell back onto the cool sand and watched the thin wispy clouds race across the white face of the moon. She did wish to experience human emotions but sadly, she’d never thought about the ones that provoked women to shed water from their eyes or those which drove men to jump off ships ending their life. Was she experiencing the thing called heartbreak?

Thanks for stopping by!  The rest of the awesome Sunday Six can be found here ~


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