Motivation Monday ~

The WIP that refused to be written. While I suffer from shiny object disease and I’m the queen of half finished projects, I can be stubborn to a fault. So when my current WIP drew a line in the sand, game was on. 

I’ve rewritten the first chapter ((5)) times!  I’ve added points of view, taken points of away, added characters and taken characters away. I’ve written the over 18k only to have to dump it and restart. 

I know some writers feel it’s a mortal sin to walk away from a story never to finish it. However, I have a memory stick full of half done, three quarters done, and just started stories. So why not add this to the ‘bone’ yard?

Because now writing is my career – no longer a ‘hobby.’ With my shift to full-time writer, I found I had new responsibilities. I could no longer write just what I want – leaping from project to project. So how does sticking with one project when I should have completed two make me a professional?

 I’m learning the importance of planning or plotting. I don’t have the time to chase rabbits down holes and have tea with the Mad Hatter. Yes, I have more time to write but I need to make my words count. This is now my sole source of income.  To start a story and disregard is no longer an option.

So my motivation for this Monday – to streamline my writing to make it a career.


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