Two for Tuesday

Every writer has what they view as a resource they couldn’t write without.  For some it’s a dictionary or a grammar reference, for others it’s a ‘craft’ book like Hero and Heroines Sixteen Master Archetypes by Tami D. Cowden, Caro LaFever, and Sue Vider (one of personal favorites).  While I find all these useful, the one resource I’d be lost without is my subscriptions to Cosmo and Budget Traveler.

This writer’s romance bible 🙂

Cosmo provides my muse with several different inspirations. Of course, there are the articles – like Late Night Sex and the quizzes which spark ideas for my ‘steamy’ love scenes. Recipes named Party in my Mouth (mentioned in Tide of Love) and drinks like Cowboy Killer (used Knock Knock). And the models in the ads become characters. I dress my characters from the fashions highlighted.

 The setting is key to a story. Many writers view it as a main character. I feel that it sets the tone of the story and I work not to fall into the stereo type setting.  Budget Traveler is a great magazine for developing locations – not just exotic but local. The little blurb about an ‘off the beaten path’ shoreline town grew into the setting for Tide of Love. I combine the shops of an Ozark village with the restaurants of downtown Dallas and the history of colonial settlement for the setting of my new suspense romance.  

If I can’t go physically go there, I can mentally and take my characters with me

 What are some of your favorite magazines?



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