Motivation Monday

I return to the day job today after 15 days off.  I’d like to say I have incredible word totals – completed work to brag about. Nope.  Discovered a major plot flaw in my holiday romance suspense novella so I had to go back and chop leaving it without a left leg or head.  I have reconstructed the leg and I’m working on the face.

I also did some ‘prep’ work that I’m hoping will lead to higher word counts while juggling the day job.

So this weeks goal –

  1. Finish the holiday suspense romance novella
  2. Make edit changes on the naughty fairy tale
  3. Finish the world building for my new young adult

I really really really want to finish my holiday suspense romance novella. What is my ‘dangling carrot’? The thing that is driving me to complete this novella? Sure I have my next adult  suspense romance waiting in the wings. BUT….it’s my next hero. He’s a MMA fighter (and my heroine is a cookie baker.) My hero…he’s hot, he’s edgy, and he comes with a healthy dose of attitude.


Who wouldn't write about him???

Who wouldn’t write about him???

mm jan 7

This guy is waiting for me…

My motivation this week….

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