To-read Tuesday

One of the things that I’m targeting in 2013 is increasing my reading. I haven’t totaled the number of books I read last year but I know I need to increase. First, I enjoy reading so this isn’t like saying I’m going to mop my floors daily. Second, reading is one of the foundational stones to writing.

Some readers/writers have a genre that they ‘stick’ to but I like a variety (the shiny object even effects my reading).  I usually walk around the book store following the bouncing mirror ball.  Not the most effective way and I believe this part of the reason my reading has suffered.  Unless I have a couple of hours I can’t go to the book store. reading owl

My plan to increase my reading:

  1.  I’m now a proud owner of a Kindle Fire so I plan on using that. I enjoy reading young adult but so many of them are written in first person. Personally, I’m not a fan of first person in any genre. My goal is to have at least one book of my monthly goal be from this genre.
  2. In October, I usually focus on ‘scary’ type of books. Trying to narrow the space that my shiny ball can bounce I’ve decided to focus on a certain genre for each month. For January, I’m reading steampunk 🙂 February will be romance :* March is paranormal :0, etc.
  3. I also want to increase the number of ‘craft’ books to one a month. This month I’m reading, Conflict and Suspense by James Scott Bell.

I’d love to have to recommendations for my reading list.  If you’ve read a great book over the holidays, tell me about it!  Are you a writer and have a craft book you’ve found awesome? Tell me!!!

How do you pick the books for your TBR pile???


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