Motivation Monday

Recap & goals.

2013 didn’t start off with the bang I had hoped. My overall word count for January is 25k less than my target and I didn’t submit my naughty fairy tale… 😦

I have sever asthma and spent a week focusing on breathing. It’s hard to write humor or sexy when the only thing on your mind is getting oxygen into your lungs. With this disclaimer the area where my word count really fell short of my goals is on the weekends. I made my week daily goals 92% of the time. So I’m going to keep the word count goal the same for February. If I fail again then I’ll re-evaluate.

I do need to revise my submission goals which I’m going to wait to do until the end of the month.

So for February the bar is:

He's still waiting - my next hero

He’s still waiting – my next hero

Minimum 500 words daily during the week.

Minimum 3,000 words on the weekend.

Submit the naughty fairytale.

Complete the romance suspense novella

Complete the rough draft of book 1 in the young adult fantasy

Start the steamy romance suspense – full length

Finish the next novella in the ‘The Cabin’ series.

Promotional was pretty much a bust this month also.

One the ‘personal’ front – the diet is limping along and I’m doing my exercising plan. I also have started and planned out my next copy of craft projects.

I’d love to hear how your 2013 is going.


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