Writer’s Wednesday

I’m going to continued with 1000 Character Writing Prompts, Villains, heroes, and hams for scripts, stories, and more by Bryan Cohen for the month of February.

This weeks writing prompt – number 26 (I used the month and date to pick) – is developing a hero. Here’s the prompt in a nutshell ~ He’s a wanted thief BUT has a heart of silver which the heroine soon discovers. While he claims to want the buried treasure, she learns he really desires to see the boorish warlord pay for his crimes. So how did the heroine and hero team up? Why is he a thief?

He's considered an outlaw... there is a price on his head... aren't as they seem

He’s considered an outlaw… there is a price on his head… things aren’t as they seem

Where I had to really ponder last weeks, this weeks instantly had my mind whirling with possibilities. After I turned them over I decided this was my ‘favorite.’  This would be for a historical…

Jonathon is a wanted thief because he’s stealing back his family heirlooms that the warlord stole when he was six.  He’s not a Robin Hood where he gives away what he steals but he only takes what is rightfully his. Until he sees the heroine. Abbey is the latest in the warlord’s captured lovers there is something about her that pulls at him. He rescues her before the warlord can rape her. Being that it’s a historical, he can’t just say goodbye, he needs to find a save place for her. He’s torn between retrieving the last and most significant of his family heirlooms and leaving with Abbey. He also isn’t sure where to take her.

I’d love to hear your spin on this good hearted thief.

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