Motivation Monday

Drum roll please… I’m starting on a new project. Not the ultimate fighter that I’ve been sharing the hot hero waiting for me, he’ll have to hang out a little longer. I’ve started on a steamy romance (no suspense – just relationship drama) about a motocross racer (hero – Dezmond Regan) and a stunt rider (Jada Elkins) called Kick Start.

My new WIP's hero and heroine

My new WIP’s hero and heroine

I hanging on to my positive ‘can-do’ attitude and added Kick Start to my writing que after seeing a call from Pink Petal Publishing (interested in their special calls? without taking anything off 😉 I’ve had the plot bunnies for this story in my head for soooo long they are grown into rabbits with grandkids but I put off writing it because I didn’t think I’d be able to place it (still don’t know if they will pick it up).

I have a four-day weekend (mid-winter break) starting this Friday. So I did ‘a lot’ (for a die hard pantser anyway) planning this weekend so if I hit my nightly goals with the weekend word count goals for Friday and Monday I should be okay 😉

Anyone else starting new projects?


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