Sneak Peak Saturday

I’m starting a new Saturday blog topic called Sneak Peak Saturday.  This week is from my upcoming release – Tide of Love (a hot paranormal romance) from Pink Petal Publishing.

Timing is everything….


My hero Finley -- an uptight lawyer

My hero Finley — an uptight lawyer

Silence hung between them as Finley ran a hand over his face. The click of the door latch drew both of their eyes to the entrance.

Camille walked in with a small brown bag. She stopped instantly. “Sorry, Mr. McCormick. I forgot the bread. I hope Aislynn didn’t do anything. She was to remain in the kitchen to watch the linguine.”

Aislynn didn’t need any assistance to know the emotion the sprit felt was anger but why? “It is fine I told Mr. McCormick we were cousins.”

Stalking over to her, Camille grabbed her arm. “Come on.”

Aislynn stumbled as Camille dragged her into the kitchen.

“I would rather talk to the male,” Aislynn whispered.

“Damn,” Camille spat and ran over to the stove. She lifted the pan as the water sizzled on a bright red circle. “Listen, you oversize fish, if you blow my gig here, I’ll fry you up for a Sunday brunch.”



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