Motivation Monday

 The characters from my motocross novella that was meant to be a simple 15k romance aren’t happy with that idea. Over the weekend a nasty fellow showed up and threw a suspense element into the plot. At first I tried to refuse but my muse fell in love with the guy. She reminded me that we write romance with a bang ~ regardless of word count. So let me introduce you to the newest character in Kick Start…

My goal is to ruin Dezmond and I always meet my goal...

My goal is to ruin Dezmond and I always meet my goal…

 He started off as a walk on character but my muse saw his true potential. While the deadline on the call is creeping near, I realize that this added twist is what the story needed to make it rock. So he’ll get to stay and I’ll drink more coffee as I pull some late night writing sessions.

It would have been easier to stick to my original story line, which was good but the suspense will go great with the high adrenalin world of motocross. Keeping everything within the 15k word limit will be the issue.

 My brother-in-law and nephew both race so this week’s motivation is to transport my reader into the world of motocross. To give them a seat at a race and have them tingle with the excitement The feel of a motocross is totally different than any other event I’ve attended. The crowd, the racers, the sponsors are all unique to this world – and believe me motocross is a world of it’s own.

 I’d love to hear about some of the favorite worlds you have been transported to.





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