Motivation Monday – or maybe not

queen-of-procrastinationI’m the self declared Queen of Procrastination complete with a cardboard crown that sits on my computer. Truly, I excel at it. I can even surprise myself the amount of time I can devote to this.  The key to really be good at procrastination is you have to have an arsenal – things I ‘do’ to protect my title. I’m not a television watcher, I do usually have it on but rarely do I really pay attention. So this isn’t a procrastination tool for me. My number weapon is the internet. Oh the hours, I can spend and have nothing to show for it. I cruise cooking sites, money saving sites, and a number of blogs I visit regularly. And let’s not forget twitter and facebook.

 As the pressures of balancing a day job and a writing career increases, I’ve decided that maybe I need to store my crown in the closet for awhile. So for this week, I’m going to limit myself on my internet use. While I enjoy cooking sites and ‘justify’ the time spent as ‘research’ for my books in reality, I don’t need hours a week. The same with money saving sites, these could easily be weekly visits. I don’t have small kids so rarely do I learn any new saving ‘tricks.’  The blogs I visit, I’ve decide to assign them days.  I can go back and catch up. And for the biggies – twitter and facebook. I’m limiting myself to three times a day for a limited amount of time.

 I’d love to hear what some of your favorite procrastination tools are and how do you combat them?


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