Writer’s Wednesday

This will be the last Wednesday I highlight a writing prompt for 1,000 Character Writing Prompts, Villains, Heroes. I used the date formula to select this weeks prompt – 227 which is a prompt about character careers. She writes greeting cards.  The prompt gives the reason for her career as ‘her parents had major health problems when she was growing up and it had been almost a part of her nature to try her best to make them feel better.’ That I aspect didn’t tickle my muse BUT the ‘some of her cards had even been medically proven to increase healing’ did in a paranormal way.

What if she had some sort of magically powers that she used in her cards?

How would she decide who received her cards?

How could this element be used to make a heroine?

While she’s a feel good heroine, I struggled to see how she could be a strong main character. Once I moved her to a secondary character role, the plot bunnies hopped out from under the couch.

What if she decides to experiment with love cards and one them fall into the wrong hands? Her neighbor/friend, the heroine, is over using her computer and finds one of her ‘love’ cards. She reads it and falls in love with the first male she sees. The unaware male, the hero, is a high school science teacher/hockey coach. The heroine becomes obsessed with the hero.

My prompt character would then be faced with the challenge of making the heroine fall out of love with the hero but as time goes by the hero begins to fall for the heroine. So my ‘good’ witch finds herself sitting in a pot of boiling water… does she undo the magic and hurt the hero? Does she let the love blossom?

After playing around with this plot bunny and secondary character, I jotted down some notes and put it in my novella file. I think this is a short novella I would enjoy writing but I’ll give it a month to develop and see if legs grow.


I’m start sharing some plotting exercises from Rock Your Plot – A Simple System of Plotting your Novel by Cathy Yardley. I’m also taking an on-line class over the weekend about developing a series. I hoping to gain useful ‘tricks’ to apply to two three book series I have on my writing schedule for next week


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