Motivation Monday


Doesn’t he clean up good 😉

I apologize my blog has been on a bit of a ‘holiday’ due to computer issues.  But I’ve borrowed a computer until I figure where the money is going to come from to purchase a new one.  Since it’s the first Monday of the month time to set this month’s goals. But first let start with a squeal of excitement – this hottie found a home.

Dez from Kick Start  ~ my motocross novella :)

Dez from Kick Start ~ my motocross novella 🙂

I woke up to an offer this morning J Kick Start will be a part of the Hot Rods, Hot Bods Anthology to be released this summer by Jupiter Gardens (formerly Pink Petal Publishing).

I have this week off from the evil day job for Spring Break and this will be the only really time off until school ends so I need to kick butt…

1)      Finish polishing 2 stories (a novella and a full) and submit by April 8

2)      Write at least 5k every day during Spring Break. Once I return to the evil day job 2k each day with 7k on the weekend for a 17k week total. If I fall short during the week then the weekend increases. I’m doing a little project shifting so next week’s Motivation Monday I’ll post the hotties for the month J

3)      On the non-writing front. Finish the pirate baby quilt and make a baby 4th of July blanket (It’s star shaped with a red, white, and blue pattern).

4)      On the ‘personal’ front. Now that ‘most’ of the snow has melted I need to start walking dog more…. We both have an unhealthy winter circle of love.

5)      Reading ~ April is an open month theme so whatever moves me.  I have shopping trip planned for Tuesday J

What are your goals??? I’d love to hear them.


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