To-Read Tuesday

I’m late posting this because I wanted to wait until I was back from the book store. As it’s the first Tuesday of the month and I always share some of what I plan on reading for the month, so I thought I’d wait.

I assigned each month a theme at the beginning of the year to expand my reading base and climb out of reading rut. However, I left April open with the rule I must try at least five new to me authors.

What you reading???

Whoooo you reading

To kick off the month in paper book form I have…

                 Relenteless by Cherry Adair (a favorite)

                Skin Deep (I-team after Hours) by Pamela Clare

                Killing Time by Cindy Gerard

                Obsession Faces of Evil by Debra Webb (new to me)

On my Kindle…

                A Tiger’s Claim by Lia Davis (new to me)

I haven’t decided on a writing craft book for the month because I’m eyeballing a couple of workshops… we’ll see 🙂

So what are you reading??? I’d love to hear suggestions for the remainder of the month especially since I have 3

new to me authors to try out.


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