Writer Wednesday

Finding balance.

My latest release, Tide of Love, is a paranormal/suspense romance with an environmental subplot.   While I’m not to the far corner of the green movement, I do believe we need to start balancing things. Sort of like I need to balance my M&M and wine consummation with eating carrots and drinking water. Aislynn, my heroine in Tide of Love, takes this approach. She doesn’t say her friend’s woodlands can’t be developed but they should do so with nature in mind. Aislynn is a character of balance. She likes her sex edging into the dominance yet she’s a strong enough to face a down a serial killer.

I know authors (many who I enjoy so this is in NO way a slam) write heroines or heroes that are made of steel.  They live in a black and white world. I, however, live in a foggy gray world so most of characters tend to swing for bad ass to cuddly.  I’ve tried to write hard ass heroes with a in your face heroine and fell no plummeted into the abyss of horrible writing. I thought my critique partner was going to jump on a plane so she could slap me.  

 My current WIP another paranormal with some sharp left turns has a heroine who just doesn’t want to be the heroine. She wants to go home to her boyfriend and dog NOT battle demons; figure out why a 1,000 year ghost has kicked started her hormones into overdrive. It’s safe to say her bowl is an even mixture of carrots and M&M’s J

 I’d love to hear about some of your favorite heroines and where they fall on the kick ass scale.


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