Two for Tuesday

I’m keeping in the theme from yesterday, incorporating bits of your everyday life in your writing. On Saturday, besides taking pictures of gargoyles and drinking S’more Martinis, we did listen to several local musical groups.

I know writers use music in several different ways. Some (including me) create a playlist for their WIP’s.  I often use music to add a layer to my characters, either my giving them a song they sing in the shower, or a genre of music they listen to during pivotal scenes. For an example, I had one character who listen to Thriving Ivy every night during she did her relaxation routine. She knew when she stepped out of the shower and heard that group playing, she was in trouble.  Sometimes, I have a character like a style of music I’m not a big fan of just because of the contrast it makes or how I can use to reveal a private element  or cue.

So back to my finds on Saturday.  I realize I live in remote N. Michigan but I had to go and see Absinthe. Why??? Because they play Amish industrial hardcore folk… I had NO idea what this was. Here is the link to their website in case you are interested. While I don’t currently have a character that strikes me as a Amish industrial hardcore folk music junkie, I could see it coming into play in the second book of the series I’m currently working on.

The second act I made my family go to because NOT one admitted they wanted to see it was Wicker Basket. A direct quote from the festival guide ~ “A guy with a basket on his head makes electronic music.” He doesn’t have a website that I could locate but his show will be forever burned into my memory.

As a writer do you use music in your writing and if so how? As a reader, do find the music interest of the  characters adds dimension?


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